One More Wine

I decided to pour myself one more wine last night. Well-deserved after another day of social media ending in what I like to think of as a coup: That is, I tackled it. If I stay quiet and listen hard, I’m almost positive I can hear applause from those as SM phobic as me.

One again my friend bravely (naively) offered help: “It’s easy. You’ve learnt so much already.” I hadn’t realised how easily fooled she was. We spent ages on my tumblr blog page, author page and I now know how to fill out a questionnaire on line for my publisher. And even send it back to them. There’s that applause again

My other friend (actually, I have more than two) poked his head in among the lessons and asked: “Are you having fun yet?”

Well, no. Don’t be silly. My mood lifted when he dashed up the road and returned with hot cheese scones and coffee. I don’t even drink coffee but it seemed so ‘writerley’, grown up and laptop-like. A couple of sips later I had to abandon it — hands began to shake. The cheese scone was heaven. Comforting and I didn’t have to click on it anywhere, just watch the butter soak into its middle and on to my hips. 

Smiling, I licked the crumbs of crispy cheese off my lips and clicked on post, send, save. I felt simultaneously modern and very full. Of course my guilt went through the roof. A scone, a cheese scone, a cheese buttered scone. No! I deserved that scone. Look at what I’ve achieved today, I tut tutted the guilt bunny and sent him hopping.   

Now, I’m comfy on my couch, snoring dog beside me, one more wine poured and hoping my friend has her bottle of Rescue Remedy handy when I tell her I need a refresher of what I learned today. Cheers.