A Skewed Premonition?

Couple of days ago I found myself singing an old song that I hadn’t thought of for eons: Hole In My Shoe by Traffic. You know the one… I looked in the sky and saw an elephant’s eye that was looking at me and all that I knew was the hole in my shoe was letting in water… (clearly substances had been ingested)

So, last night there wasn’t a hole in my shoe that was letting in water. The ceiling in my spare room was another matter. Water pouring from a hole in it. Not a sign of an elephant’s eye, instead two sets of French visitors’ eyes, along with my startled pair, gazing ceiling-ward. Spooky.

Premonition? Albeit wonky? Or a coincidence. Didn’t someone say “there are no coincidences”? Whatever, I am going to be extremely careful what I sing from now on.