Tired But Happy

I had a great day yesterday amidst the nuttiness that has been in my life lately. Watched a friend consume great food at a new café in Ponsonby. I had already lunched on something dry and nutritious, and so wished I hadn’t after seeing her food arrive. Didn’t even have room for a cheeky little lunchtime glass of rosé.

Following that we both had our tarot cards read with a crystal reading thrown in free. Bargain. How could we turn it down? Then we trundled off secure in the knowledge my friend would meet a man with a Schnauser (not as random as you may think — she has one) and I would have the house of my dreams and go on a trip with my beloved. Excellent.

Anyway, we decided on a movie and chose Gatsby. Marvellous. A modern-day Fellini except that all the actors are dressed and don’t eat much. They do drink rather a lot though. And smoke themselves silly.

Someone should definitely “throw a shrimp on the barbie” for Baz Luhrman. He deserves it after producing such a spectacle. I adore the 1920s and could definitely see myself in the crystal dress Carrie Mulligan wore. Well, if I was 20 years younger and a few sizes smaller. I guess crystals don’t stretch?

We topped it all off with a wine and a pizza in a flash bar on the way home and called my beloved to give him the pleasure of collecting us and driving us home. Tired but happy. I’m hoping that wasn’t the trip the clairvoyant was alluding to.