Love You Babe

Yesterday afternoon Daniel and I visited our new nephew at an after-hospital birth care place. It’s swish in there compared to a public hospital. There is wine on the menu - not recommended for nursing mothers it says. Which seems terribly unfair to me. I’m not saying nursing mothers should drink wine after a birth, though goodness knows how delicious it would be after such an ordeal and all the dry months before that. I am saying: why dangle the carrot? Like I said, most unfair. There’s my sister-in-law breast feeding her day-old son with a good, solid tumbler of water to sip on while my brother-in-law, to our giddy delight, broke open a vintage bottle of champagne and a $400 bottle of scotch. After a cuddle with the newbie and a flute of bubbles, I felt completely nostalgic over the birth of my son. He is 21 now and the wee babe in my arms yesterday, cooing and clutching my finger, brought it all back to me. The smell, the little black-haired head, the blue eyes. And most of all, the wonder and beauty when you realize you had not a smidgeon of an idea of how unconditionally you can love another human being. One of life’s precious gifts. Can’t wait to see the new family addition grow. Love you babe.