Gratitude's The Key

Where’s my willpower gone? Did I ever have any? I seem to remember days gone where I raced out of bed and into walking shoes to pound (plod) the streets before the hubbub of the day began. And enjoyed it even. All that flowing blood and fresh air. I was a saint. These days the thought of a morning constitutional has me clutching the bedclothes up around my neck and scrunching up my nose. Too cold, too wet, too early, too late, too tired, too hungry. Knees hurt, shoes too old - not enough support left in them (for the poor, sore knees). Gotta write, gotta feed the animals, gotta…

I bore myself to tears. Literally. I actually do get upset with my never-ending list of excuses. Because in summer, y’know, it’s too hot, etc. So how do I access this elusive willpower I once owned? I’ve tried “Just Do It", dragged my sorry, shivering body out from under the blankets and gotten dressed  but haven’t managed to venture out the door yet. Given myself a darn good lecture about self worth and integrity and practise what you preach to no avail. Just makes me more sniveley and miserable.

What a drip, I am. Honestly, if I was someone else I’d give them a good smack.

So, onwards and upwards. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to cheerfully pull on the new walking shoes I will purchase today and march on out that front door with gratitude in my heart for the fact I can still walk (painful knees aside) and smile from ear to ear knowing I am being integrous to myself while I just do it.