My Miracle

My son visited tonight after work to help me with a computer 'thing". I hear white noise and brick walls slam down if I have a tech issue. Which usually turns out to be not an issue at all. Merely hysterical overreaction by me. I need to change my relationship with technology.

When I see my son, my heart leaps and the blood changes from doddling through my veins to surging through them. I lighten up a trillion-fold. Even the stomping, stamping heffalumps in the apartment upstairs cease to make my scalp tighten and deepen the frown line in my brow.

This evening he levelled his extraordinary blue eyes, framed by jet black eyebrows, upon me and delivered advice. How the tables have turned! He reminded me who I am, what I have to offer and that he is here to help me with what ever endeavour I decide to tackle. And "Mum, stop with the no confidence thing. Move through it like we all do. Don't let anyone rob you of it".

He left, with a brief for a new business card he will design for me, all my love and a kiss on his bearded face. He left me with a long hug, some hope and a heart full of love and thankfulness for such a wonderful son. And a feeling of excitement. A belief in myself. 

He always was my miracle – from conception to birth to now.

Thankyou Tom.