Left Out

 "My husband’s been away on business. Again. Back Sunday. I can’t wait to see him. In the meantime I have introduced two of my single women friends to each other so they can have company at a Love Match evening. Kind of like speed dating but a bit classier, I’m led to believe. If it turns out to be a dud and all the men there are, shall we say, not quite what either of them are looking for (duds), then they can back quietly out the side door and adjourn to a warm, cosy bar and cackle/commiserate into a glass or two of wine. Thing is, I’m now feeling left out.

"You’re married," they reminded me.

"Oh, yes, that’s right. I forgot there for a moment. Well then, where is he?!"

"Nearly home and probably with a big present for you," they assured me.

"Right. Ok then. Just as well. The Love Match evening was beginning to sound fun!"

"Oh, shutup. You’ve got your man. Leave the others for us."

"I don’t want another man but what a lark it would be, the three of us."

"Stop it."

Fine. Good luck to them. I’m definitely joining them for that drink afterwards though.